Alexa A. Harris

Communications Consultant & Coach

Want to unleash your natural talents to experience personal and professional success? 

Interested in reaching your goals with a supportive team along the journey? 

Does your organization want to improve Communication dynamics and  build an engaging, inclusive culture? 

Would your group like to dive deep into a particular topic while enjoying an interactive learning environment?

Are you seeking guidance to complete a digital story, book or campaign that will resonate with audiences?

My Approach

Services offered are based on a general model of Positive Psychology, which encompasses a perspective of healthy, successful life functioning. Topics include optimism, positive emotions, spirituality, happiness, satisfaction, flow, personal development, and wellbeing. 

About Me

With over a decade of experience consulting organizations, serving as Strategic Advisor to individuals, researching Intercultural Communication, and working in Creative Industries, Dr. Alexa now delights in helping clients surpass personal and professional goals. 

I recommend Dr. Alexa with the highest esteem. She's like a point guard putting you in the best situation to succeed. 

John Marsh,

TV Sports Producer


Tel: 202-656-5980