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Strategic. Positivity. Maximizer. Futuristic. Belief. 

Those are my top 5 strengths. What do they mean and how do they connect to your goals? My strengths reflect I am a visionary, excited to help you craft a plan aligned with your core values, and execute your wildest dreams. How do I know this is possible? Because I am a Certified-Gallup StrengthFinders Coach (which means I am able interpret the results of a an assessment designed to discover your top natural talents and provide feedback on how they can help your life). May your desire be to navigate workplace challenges, gain more confidence to lead others, acquire clarity with your purpose and "next chapter" or, simply have someone to voyage with you outside your comfort zone while completing your blog, business endeavor, transition into a new season of life, even your first home purchase-I've helped my clients do it all! Curious about how we can turn those awesome ideas you have into reality? Send me a note and we can schedule a time to further discuss. 

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